Independent Foodservice Consultants

Commercial Design solutions tailored to your project needs

Independent Foodservice Consultants

Commercial Design solutions tailored to your project needs

Our 10 Principles

MCTS is proud to be recognised as the leading hospitality design consultancy in the Middle East and beyond. We take this responsibility seriously, always adhering to the highest ethical, quality and service standards across all our operations and relationships. Our guiding principles reflect our values and represent our commitment to every one of our valued clients.

Our word is our bond

We act with honesty, integrity and transparency to earn your trust at every stage of your project.

We tailor our solutions for you

We listen to your needs and are flexible in our approach, drawing from our full arsenal of resources and experience to offer you the best possible solution for your unique needs.

We foster enduring partnerships

We build our reputation by forging long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, and treating all our stakeholders as we expect to be treated ourselves.

We offer sophisticated simplicity

The deep knowledge and expertise that we bring to every project is presented to you as clear and simple design solutions that you can quickly understand and act upon.

We deliver exceptional value

We know that every project brings unique aspirations and constraints, so we adapt to the reality of each situation by designing high-quality solutions at great value to fit your project budget.

We take your privacy seriously

We understand the value of your confidential information, so we honour your privacy and take strict measures to protect your data at all times.

We value your time

We believe that great work takes time but there’s never time to be wasted, so we act with purpose and efficiency to make sure your project is always delivered at the agreed time, if not sooner.

We know our business

Our team brings unmatched expertise in the field of hospitality design to every project we undertake, so we only accept projects when we have the knowledge and capabilities to execute to the highest possible standards.

We are always learning

We invest in the continuous development of our people and systems, building on the latest industry trends and innovative approaches to deliver the best solutions for your needs – every time.

Your project is our priority

We always do what’s best for your project.

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